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Marketing & Awareness Campiagns

Marketing Services:
Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. (SWDC) is a dedicated marketing services provider. Our low overhead enables us to offer services at rates that are second to none - affordable for all small and medium size businesses. Furthermore, by utilizing only those skill bases required to provide a solution, we can manage our overheads more effectively. This provides a high quality service at a very competitive price, and our clients have the reassurance they are working with senior personnel who understand their business.

To be successful, your company MUST differentiate itself, and your products, from all other competitors, thus obtaining a unique position in the market place. Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. creates a unique and viable marketing strategy to allow your company to stand out among all your competitors! Our marketing efforts concentrate on the benefits your prospect/client will receive from your business.

Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. provides customized marketing campaigns, strategy consultation, branding, product marketing, event planning, advertising, and public relations - all with experienced creative marketing services. Whether you’re looking to differentiate your company from the rest, or generate more traffic, Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc. will partner with you to help your business grow.

  • Special Event Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotional Campaign Development
  • Direct Mail (creative concept and fulfillment)
  • Unique Advertising Campaigns
  • Direct Sales Support Service
  • Public Relations/Press Releases
  • Marketing Audits
  • Sales Tools
  • Brochures
  • Customer Retention Campaigns
  • Newsletters and eNewsletters
  • Yellow Page Advertising
  • Merchandising and Packaging
  • Trade Show Logistics and Support
  • Sales Campaigns

Top Ten Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing Services From Siegel Web Development & Consulting, Inc.:

  1. Free up non-capital resources
  2. Gain access to executive marketing experience
  3. Make capital funds available
  4. Reduce operating costs
  5. Looking for cash infusion
  6. Resources not available internally
  7. Improve company focus
  8. Share the risk
  9. Marketing function difficult to manage
  10. Increase market opportunities in a down-turn economy, instead of waiting for the up-turn

Marketing requires more expertise than most businesses typically have on staff. Marketing experts can make a terrific contribution; they also can be extremely expensive, since different departments within the advertising agency must have touched a project in order to develop billable charges. For example, a large advertising agency may have account management, creative services, traffic and distribution, PR or research, web development, or senior partner review bill to ONE project... yours.


Special Campaign Development: Planning and execution of customer awareness, sales, and other promotional campaigns and events
Communications and Collaterals: Create a Corporate and Product branding system, sales materials, product / sales sheets, brochures, product demos
Public Relations: Create press releases, news stories, or case studies placed in media to give you a publicity edge
Advertising, Promotions, Direct Mail, Website Planning and Design: Planning and execution; also, development of three-dimensional mailings focused at specific targets; and, customer retention and appreciation programs
Seminars & Trade Shows: Planning and organizing


Marketing Audit: Helps a business identify its most urgent marketing challenges. It begins with a review of the business' marketing, creative, and media platforms. Recommendations can then be made to improve current strategies, or introduce more effective activities.
Sounding Board Services: General marketing consulting that offers problem solving and idea generation activities
Marketing Infrastructure: Create the marketing infrastructure, and all of the applicable support processes
Product/Brand Management: Launch new products and companies with a brand and product management approach


Strategic Marketing Planning: Create a business and/or marketing plan – analysis of marketing opportunities; development of marketing strategies; competitor review, market segmentation and target marketing strategy and plans for execution
Strategic Growth Strategies:
Develop cost-effective distribution strategies. For example,
create alliance partner programs, sales strategies, market development campaigns, etc.

Why Outsource Your Marketing Services?

  • Unsurpassed service - at a uniquely affordable price. We will provide you a level of expertise that no other full-service marketing organization can provide with all their internal resources and associated overheads. You receive 20+ years of Corporate and Marketing experience, with NO overhead.
  • We personally develop and implement your marketing functions with you. This will enable your company to achieve more without adding incremental fixed overheads.
  • We do not build the cost of overheads into our services: a real benefit to our customers and clients. Our fees are a straight hourly rate, or project-based.
  • You will have the opportunity to use an external resource as a sounding board for new ideas in the areas of strategic growth, new products and services, etc. We offer you the promotions management approach of managing your product/service portfolio.
  • Even if you have an existing marketing function, you can use our corporate experience by incrementally supplementing the support we can provide.
  • The economy is cyclical, and it’s a mistake to stop marketing. Spend your marketing monies wisely by preparing to emerge stronger when the downturn ends.

Building Total Brand Identity:
If you do not have a branding system for your products and services … you should. We can develop brand icons, logos, naming conventions, product and service extensions, and brand awareness for you quickly and efficiently. This will help you drive your brand awareness campaigns when creating opportunity for the sales function.

Total Brand Identity equals the sum of...

  • Brand Name - drives all of the marketing functions
  • Logo/Graphic System
  • Brand Positioning
  • Selling Strategies (Price)
  • Product and Service Performance
  • Promotion - consider targeted three-dimensional mailings for customer awareness, customer retention, and new market development
  • Marketing Communications (collateral, direct mail, print, PR, website, trade shows)

Productize your product and service portfolio by...

  • Defining each product and service
  • Creating the INCENTIVE for your customers to buy – You cannot create the NEED to buy.
  • Implementing the 4 P’s of Marketing
  • Clearly articulating the product’s message and its deliverable benefits to your customers and targets

We believe that brand identity requires speaking to the target with one voice - consistently. To achieve this, we can analyze all points of contact your target has with your brand to ensure all communications are integrated and have the same brand message, look, feel, personality, and tone. We refer to this methodology as building total brand identity.

If you do not have a branding system, that is, customer awareness around your company’s name (brand equity), product and service brand names, or defined deliverables that targets understand, we can create them with you ... in a controlled pace or rollout.

We have managed numerous different branding campaigns for businesses throughout the country with an 80% success rate. Contact us today for more information!

  • A clearly defined branding system for Company, products, and services
  • Creative icons and logos
  • Allowing for product extensions under one brand umbrella
  • Supportive collateral: brochures and sales sheets
  • Corporate websites

Contact us today for additional samples of advertising and other outsourced marketing services we have successfully completed for our clients.

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