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Carriage Hill Labs:

"SWDC has been a tremendous help to me with designing and updating my website. I knew from the beginning how I wanted my site to look, but was clueless on how to go about doing it. Solomon (Sol/SWDC) and I work well together. I often ask his opinion on how I might showcase a certain dog or what he thinks about an idea. He has been a wonderful source for many things including silly things like opening pictures my clients submit from other countries that I cannot open. He is always eager to help in any way I ask."

"My clients, friends and family LOVE my website. I'm told they visit it often and it is quite frequently open at Boston's Children's Hospital where many of my clients work. People love to check and see how the other dogs in their litter turned out and look back at their own dogs as pups. The website keeps my clients informed about litters, boarding, and even health reminders."

"I no longer advertise my kennel in magazines... My website does it all for me. I am very satisfied with my website, how it's managed and the success of it. Great job, Sol! Thank you so much for everything!"

-- Vickie, President & Owner

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